We suggest that you put money into OTCMKTS:URBT

Our recommendation is that you put money into Punch Animation, Inc

Punch TV studios is constant broadening its entertainment business through innovative growth and ideal endeavours having the revealed with the newest department: Punch Animation, Inc. Punch Animation, Inc. Punch animation will pinpoint the development of animated television shows and videos for syndication through Punch TV Studios.

Punch TV, Corporation. was an investment $1 million dollars in Punch TV Animation OTC:URBT
. Mr. Collins took over as President of Punch TV Media Animation URBT
shares symbol (OTC:URBT), earlier known as Urban Tv Network Corp, and now have labored to show the organization approximately. Mr. Collins had to choose the right business design to thrive the company. He feels that model is animation. We finished an aggressive proceed to employ Mr. Sullivan named corporations COO. To improve this company hired Mr. Norman becasue it is President of Creative Expansion. “We believe that both of these might possibly be the one-two punch the organization must also stop using the bottom.” says Mr. collins.

Punch TV Media Animation, Incorporated. URBT
used to be Black Television Corporation, that is the 1st African-American owned network US.

The President of Ingenious Expansion for that new Punch TV Media Animation, Corporation. website is famous maker Floyd Norman, as a famous animator, novelist, and comic strip artiste. Floyd Norman was best-known as a result of his shows Sleeping Beauty, Jungle Book, Toy Story, 101 Dalmatians and Monsters, Inc. Floyd actually worked for the man himself, Walt Disney and makes many years of experience in animation in addition to development to Punch tv studios Animation, Inc. URBT

Emmy Winning Animator/Filmmaker, Mr. Sullivan is more info starting to get to the role as Chief Operating Officer. Leo Sullivan is most-recognized for his featured films Flash Gordon, Pac-Man, Iron Man, Tiny Toons Adventures, Scooby-Doo and Flintstones. Mr. Sullivan possesses fifty years practical experience with regards to animation as well as being a credentialed instructor for State of Los angeles in Professional Schooling Instructing. He trained in the Art Institute of Orange County, guest speaker at UCLA and Compton School Animation Arts Departments, worked with a lot of local community groups and now have trained plus mentored youths that have moved to to work in major animation companies.

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